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Grand Elmore Vault


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You can buy these items at this moment
Soulshot (A-Grade) AOthers8 300999DTGiran1
Soulshot (S-Grade) SOthers30 0001 200Soul
Soulshot (S-Grade) SOthers20 5941 499DTGiran1
Blessed Spiritshot (A-Grade) AOthers18 5491 999DTGiran1
Crystal (C-Grade) COthers3 8702 500Sepin
Blessed Spiritshot (S-Grade) SOthers9 0002 500Soul
Blessed Spiritshot (S-Grade) SOthers17 0052 999DTGiran1
Proof of Catching a Fish NGOthers20 0687 500Svobodnik
Crystal (A-Grade) AOthers2 00011 000Sepin
Earth Stone NGOthers127500 000Sonicka
Dark Stone NGOthers143500 000Sonicka
Wind Stone NGOthers152500 000Sonicka
Divine Stone NGOthers10900 000MyBankRess
Dark Stone NGOthers106900 000MyBankRess
Heavens Divider Edge NGOthers53900 000Anie
Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-Grade) NGOthers601 000 000Eyfa
Scroll: Enchant Armor (B-Grade) NGOthers421 000 000Eyfa
Scroll: Enchant Armor (B-Grade) NGOthers205 500 000Lord
Common Item - Destroyer Hammer AWeapon15 500 000Svobodnik
Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-Grade) NGOthers110 000 000Eyfa
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (C-Grade) NGOthers110 000 000Eyfa
Sealed Dark Crystal breastplate AArmor110 000 000Thao
Sealed Dark Crystal Gaiters AArmor110 000 000Svobodnik
Sealed Phoenix Earring AAccessory120 000 000IJKL
Doom Plate Armor BArmor130 000 000Svobodnik
Sealed Imperial Crusader Helmet SArmor140 000 000Thao
Sealed Major Arcana Glove SArmor140 000 000Thao
Sealed Imperial Crusader Helmet SArmor140 000 000Thao
Sealed Draconic Leather Helmet SArmor150 000 000Thao
Branch of the Mother Tree AWeapon180 000 000Larson
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